Samstag, 18. April 2015

Home, Sweet Home

AJP77 "Home, Sweet Home

Some days ago I was in Frankfurt and make this photo while a wonderful walk along the Main River

and so these two guys  and the city (Mix It Monthly) found its way into my journal

This quote is for Art Journal Journey

"Any old place  I can hang my hat is home sweet home to me" William Jerome

I so adore this sweet spot on the landing stage under the blossing cherrytree!

also done for "Frühlingsgefühle" bei Moo Mania

and "Cry Me A River" on Documented Life Project April 11th.


Happy creating

Samstag, 4. April 2015

I Am Very Happy Being Me In The City Playing Cards So Why Not Visit Me

I put my new  things on top, 
so if you visit one or the other day, you may find some new journalpages or paintings here..will see how it works


added 15.04.

I finished this painting yesterday! So happy with it :)

it is inspired by Cezannes "The Card Players"

I so adore Cezanne´s work and wanted to catch the intimicy of the two players

Her arm is full of glitter and it looks a bit like a tatoo ;) doesn´t it?


added 10.04.

A new journalpage all those houses and the two birds came out of the background and show this friendly village  (Mix It Monthly) in the end
I decided to buy a house in it and live there till my end of days hihi

AJP76 Come Visit Me


A little "city" for Mix It Monthly

What a wonderful "experience" (Challenge on Community Trive) this would be!!

a "quote" for Art Journal Journey

Having all of you in mind, feeling the world gets so small :)

I really love to blog and facebook 
get and stay connected :)
feels like we all live in a small "Village" (Mix It Monthly)

The "quote" fits so well to this painting and Art Journal Journey

This is my first piece for my new theme "City / Village" on my Challengeblog
Mix It Monthly

AJP75 "Secret"

It is painted in my altered book and if you are curious here is the original page

it is from Francesco Guardi 
and it is called Venedig

I used so many colors and imagination 


to create this funky city here


Happy creating