Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Watch A FREE Lesson From Festive Soul Food


Festive Soul Food has started already

here is a sneak peak at my Class

we will create some "Angelcards"

AND Mystele has put out a 

FREE CLASS for you

isn´t this exciting?!

Grab a hot cup of coffee or favorite tea
lean back and enjoy

To learn more about Festive Soul Food and to Register-

To get your own Art Pops-

I create another journalpage with Roben´s cards too:

AJP110 Time For Tea

Now I am off to enjoy Festive Soul Food and the rest of the beautiful summer

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and enjoy life being creative!!


Much Love


Nancy B hat gesagt…

What an adorable dog with her flower!

Janet Ghio hat gesagt…

Mysteles bonus class was fun--nothing I love more than "finding" the image. This is my favorite way of painting!! Love your dog with glasses!

sheila 77 hat gesagt…

Amazing wonderful intellectual dog. Woof, woof doggie, I love your square spectacles, where can I get a pair like that? And I love your necklace too!