Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Deer´s, Bowls And Beautiful Smell

These days the autumn has catch my mood with its stormy and cold weather outside

AJP119 The Red Deer

Listed this painting in my Etsy-Shop
I decided it is finished, so well lets imagine "This Wonderful Smell" he enjoys

This month the theme on MIX IT MONTHLY
is Cups and Bowls,
so you will see some more paintings with those in mind

"The Green Chair"

AJP 120 "Can you see it all? 
All the miracles hiding, the grace emerging." Tyler Knott Gregson 

"Pick Up"

Painted this page at the beginning of November and never thought that it would be so meaningfull some days later
I send love, prayers and healing to those who needs it

"Loose Your Mind - Find Your Soul"

For those of you, who want to see those pages in "real" and want to hear the lil stories about,  please watch the video below....have fun! 

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and enjoy life being creative!!


Much Love