Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Wild Birds, Ashtonished Eyes, Maya Angelou, Colorblocking And A Meditativ Frog

I want to give you an overview over my latest art journal pages....
and because I don´t have the time to blog every day, 
I try to put my new pages on top, 
so if you visit one or the other day, you may find some new journalpages or paintings here..will see how it works


New added 04. February

AJP63 "Wild Bird"

Fits perfect to the Challenge on Art Journal Journey with the theme
"Birds, Beasts and Human"
as well as the Challenge "Fierce" on 


New added 31. January

She has put on her best dress and her new hat

to take a walk on this sunny day 

to get excited about all the things she see with her astonished eyes..
again a journal page with colorblocking...I try to catch her wonderful dress and give her a hat...I so love how this turnes out in the end!!
I would have never expected how much fun it was to start a page with this colorblock-technique :)

AJP62 "I Love To See The World With Astonished Eyes"


New added 27. January

What a great inspiration from the colourwheel I creating this page

for the DLP

and then Georgia O´Keeffe, what an amazing artist...I know her from another workshop before, but I really adore her work...please look out for her...

she said:
"I found I could say things with colours and shapes that coudn´t say in any other way"

How she speak right out of my heart ;)


A new page for  Mix It Monthly
it starts out with these colorblocks as an inspirational background
and ended up with her and this gorgeous quote from Maya Angelou
with the writing it also fits to 
week4 "Words"

AJP60 DLPW4 "Trying To Be Normal"

"If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be"  Maya Angelou

I so love her work and her quotes of course too! 
Here is one of my favorites

And then look at this sweet guy...couldn´t resist taking a picture of him ;)

Now I try to figure out which theme for the Februar challenge on Mix It Monthly I will take....if you want you can bring some ideas into my pool write them into our comments I can grab one this time or safe it for later ;)


Happy creating

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Art Journaling, Rainbows and a bright crisp Wintersky and the Mystery about my Name

I want to give you an overview over my latest art journal pages....
and because I don´t have the time to blog every day, 
I try to put my new pages on top, 
so if you visit one or the other day, you may find some new pages or paintings here..will see how it works


A new page for  Documeted Life Project
its week 2 and the theme is "Beginn" its a free workshop, so if you want, jump right in too ;)

I have used an older Art Journal Page of mine and reused it into this new page! I should do this more often..what a fun!

AJP59 DLP W2 Beginn

I had so much fun, painted this lil story around my loves and likes
so come a bit closer :)

as I started my Youtube Channel I eat so many dried dates...there are so many sorts outside but my favorite these days are the ones called the name was first vids are about nutrition and preparation of some rawfood recipes....the channel about art came some years later....
so here you have it, the mystery about my name ;)

 als einen Art Kanal auf Youtube erstellt habe, habe ich sehr gern Datteln 

gegessen und mein absoluter Favorit war die 

Sorte Piarom...und ich hab viiiiieeele davon gegessen damals,und voila

 schon war der Name geboren...meine ersten Vids auf Youtube waren 

über Ernährung und der Kunstkanal kam später nun wisst Ihr auch, 

woher der Name Piarom eigentlich kommt ;)

AJP58 "Who I am"

AJP 55 Winter Fantasy Town

Do you want to see me painting this page?

I had take a long walk over the fields some days was crispy cold, but a warm wind was blowing and the sun bronze my face, wonderful! 

Look at the looks a bit like the one on my page ;)

AJP 56 "I Don´t Fit"

Theme Colorblocking vintage Mix It Monthly

The weather is amazing these days...two days ago while driving I had this wonderful rainbow crossing our way

AJP57 DLPW1 "Be My Own GoalKeeper"

Finished this lil page in my new journal, which I started for the Documeted Life Project
Check it out, it is FREE and had started in January!!

This is the work in progress
I always be amazed how the page looks in the beginning when I sit over the finished one...
Thats why I love to take photos from the progress

it fits also with colorblocking on Mix It Monthly


Happy creating

Fröhliches Kreieren

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2015

Colorblocking Art Journaling Mania In My Cosy Home

This time I am totally into journaling and really enjoying it!
These one is painted for Mix It Monthly

Zur Zeit bin ich absolut im Journal Fieber und geniesse es! 

Hier mal wieder eine Seite zum Thema "Zuhause"
gemalt für Mix It Monthly


The theme "home" seems so keep me busy lately ;)

Das Thema zuhause beschäftigt mich zurzeit scheinbar öfters ;)

My first Journal, which I have started some years ago, is finished finally! 
What a great feeling :)
(I have 7 others on the go ;)

Mein erstes Journal, welches ich vor Jahren begonnen habe, ist nun endlich fertig! Was ein grossartiges Gefühl ;)
ich habe noch sieben andere in Arbeit ;)

This page I have painted as we came back from the christmas  holiday...much magazin scraps have inspired me...

Diese Seite  darin entstand kurz nachdem wir aus dem Weihnachtsurlaub zurückkamen..viele Zeitungsstücke gaben hier die Inspiration...


This one is inspired by the vintage photo below

Dieses hier ist inspiriert von dem Vintage Photo unten


und dem Thema "Colorblocking" auf Mix It Monthly

also as this here...the paintings from René Magritte have inspired me because of Susi´s Challenge Art Journal Journey and her "Old Masters"-Theme

ebenso dieses hier...
Die Bilder des Maler René Magritte hat aber ebenfalls Pate gestanden
weil das Thema bei Susi und Art Journal Journey Challenge "Alte Meister" sind diesen Monat


And another page, this time in one of my lil journals....and again colorblocks and many papercollage..

Neue Seite, diesmal in meinem kleinen Journal...
und wieder Farbböcke und viele kleine Papier schnipsel später...

first I saw her nose, than the eyes and the hat...
so I picked my charcoal and painted the contours...
the quote fits to Mystele´s Challenge on her new Web-page

ich sah ihre Nase zuerst, dann die Augen und den Hut....
so kam es, dass ich mit Kohle die Konturen rausgearbeitet habe..

Der Spruch passt zur Challenge auf Mystele´s neuer Webseite


If you want to see my newest paintings go to my 
Gallery here

Meine neuesten Gemälde findet Ihr auf meiner  Galerie 


Happy creating

Fröhliches Kreieren