Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

Bon Voyage With Green and Blue Hair and some Angels

I put my new  things on top, 
so if you visit one or the other day, you may find some new journalpages or paintings here..will see how it works


Added March 3,

Played with some collage again and find this "Angel" (Mix It Monthly)

I wonder why the bird  choose to sit into her cup, maybe he is taking a bath into the milk to get smoother skin, hehe
but it seems he feels very comfty there :)

There are some "Repeated Elements" (Documented Life Project from Februar 21)
Some dots and flowers as well stripes :)

You will find  some "Things With Wings" (Art Journal Journey) on my page ;)


Added March 1,

this painting is inspired from Marc Chagalls work 

"Midsummer Night´s Dream"

     This month I had the theme "Angels / Saints" for you over on Mix It Monthly

                         I would be thrilled, if you come and play along


Added 26. Februar

Can you see the fabric (Mix It Monthly) which is glued horizontal on her face? 

A big package of goodies from lovely friend Pa Schedu has arrived yesterday and so I have made a quick journalpage with some stuff!!

and YES the two rounds are cookies wrapped in vintage paper ;) She had bought them somewhere :)

AJP67 Sun Is Bright


Finished today this little painting

This background is inspired by the birdshapes in Heather Santos and Cheryl Fritzsimmons Workshop in Soulfood....I have so much fun lately by paiting these birds!!

Glued some fabric on because "Fabric" is needed on Mix It Monthly these days

Don´t know if he knew he can also fly...

...but I am sure...

...he will have a great journey on his wheel...

"Bon Voyage" 

This is the lil canvas I started to paint a lil bird...
made this background 

and after a while she emerged, even I looked hardly for the birdshape...
so what should I do?

of course go with my gut ;)

and played for a looong time...her hair first was green, then go grey, than white with cracklepaste...then Red, pink...

and again green...
with some pearls, haha

and so there she is

lil green haired cutiepie, haha

"Green Is The Color Of My True Love `s Hair, 
In The Morning, When We Rise...
Songtext by Donovan


Happy creating

Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Sweet Birdgirls New Home, Messy Hair Is Beautiful, And Good To See The Applegarden

I put my new  things on top, 
so if you visit one or the other day, you may find some new journalpages or paintings here..will see how it works


Added 15. Februar

Birdgirl has a new home and look dear friend has arrived... so she had rolled up her curtains (Fabric Challenge MIM)...

she can let her down like this when she needs some private zone,haha....the whole journalpage AJP65 is made with tons of oil- and other pastels like I have learned in the lesson from Britta Toftebjerg in the Soul Food Class

but because her friend is arrived on her door she immediatelly wants to go outside to hug and cuddle him! She slips out of her shoes (I have learned this gorgeous 3D-Effekt with Ayala Art in the Soul Food Class)

and both are so happy to see each other again!! 
Happy Valentines Day everyone...

and because I soo love this lil scenery I have made a lil vid for you, hihi

This was so much fun! Thank you Ayala and Britta for the great inspiration!


Added 12. Februar

AJP64 "Good To See"
the one who helps the sun rises everyday

Journalpage done for Week4 on DLP Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It! 
January 31 Journal Prompt:  What Lies Beneath?

For Mandarin Orange Monday also :)


Added 11. February

I finished my appleprincess finally these days....
I wrote a quote around the sides from wonderful
Rainer Maria Rilke
which fits so well with her...

I have started the painting last year, but it has changed over the time in so many ways...her dress had so many colors and designs on it, but ended yellow with some glitter on the wavy edges...

So now she is finished and can live in peace in her little castle beneath her beautiful applegarden...

see more detailed photos on my Galleryblog


Added 07. February

This is my birdgirl I made with Mysteles Lesson in SOULFOOD

My artjournalpage Nr. 63 

brings the inspiration to create her...

I used this scraps and the yellow fabric, because I so love the pattern and the colours fits too...

The quote says

"For man, as for flower and beast and bird,

 the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive." D.H. Laurence

She fits to the theme "Fabric" on Mix It Monthly of course too ;)
and "Birds, Beasts and Human" at the Challenge on Art Journal Journey 


Finished this painting on canvas yesterday and wanna

show you this sweet example

that messy hair can be 

so beautiful that even the stars

are shining for this!

Fits perfect to the Challenge on Art Journal Journey with the theme
"Birds, Beasts and Human"


Happy creating