Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2018

Want To Get You Updated On What I Am Doing Recently

January is in full swing and
Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018
is going strong!

Here you can see what I have done with all the teachers lessons...

Ok, I have gave them my own twist, but thats what I am known for, haha

First week lesson with amazing Nikol Wikman

Second weeks lesson with amazing Leslie Wood

Third weeks lesson with amazing Lucy Brydon

You can still sign up for this yearlong Workshop and create a storm with us:

Find more information here

And oh my first lesson will be airing in the end of February, wohoo!

And again wonderful Olga Furman invited me to her Auction, wohoo! 

Join the public Facebook - Group around the Auction 

Heartful Soul Artist Collective Monthly Auction - Group

and enjoy the eyecandy from all the amazing artists!

And of course you can buy the one or the other piece for sure too ;)

at next auction on February 6th

Find the album with all the aution items here:

Here are the pieces, that I have to offer there


Much Love