Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Remember My Dream

I love to remember my dreams in the morning, 
but have problems to catch them 
when I awake before they are flipping back into the unconcious...

love to hear tips from you 

Ich liebe es, mich morgens an meine Träume zu erinnern,
aber ich habe echt Probleme diese beim Aufwachen einzufangen, 
bevor sie wieder in das Unterbewusste zurückschnellen....

Wie macht Ihr das so?
Ich höre gern ein paar Tips von Euch!

and oh by the way that reminds me of Van Goghs very cool quote:

"I dream my painting and 
then I paint my dream"

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Mix It Monthly "Best Sunset Ever"
Art Journal Journey "Poetry in Motion"

So have a wonderful time and 

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get creative and enjoy life!!


Much Love


geistige_Schritte hat gesagt…

***wunderschön gemalt dein Journal mit dem Spruch****

ich kann mich oft dran erinnern früher hatte ich immer sehr Angst da vor. Träume von heute kann ich manchmal sogar auf stehen und wieder hin legen und weiter träumen ich finds lustig. Vielleicht wenn man sich bewusst macht dass nichts passieren kann einem ...natürlich habe ich auch blöde Träume.
Ich wüsnche dir ienen schönen Tag!
Lieben Gruss Elke

froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

Das ist sooo schön gemalt - alle Details so verspiel und zauberhaft!
Ich will gar nicht genau wissen immer was ich so daherträume, wenn ich mich manchmal genau erinnere, ist es echter Schwachsinn....
ganz selten sind die Träume mal so richtig nett und dann zwinge ich mich zurück in den Traum beim Aufwachen...das ist dann immer recht schön.

Lass uns am Tage träumen --- das ist viel schöööner -lol!

froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

Wir freuen uns sehr über so schöne Seiten zu Jo's Thema liebe Conny - dankeschön♥

Dortesjs hat gesagt…

thanks for commenting on my blog, love your art to. I dont make journals but love to get inspiration from you and others for my cards ;O))

Let's Art Journal hat gesagt…

What a beautiful painting! You have illustrated your quote wonderfully with your lovely collection of dream images. Your sun and moon, birds and butterflies, flowers and nature conjures up a magical world of dreams 😀. I read a study sometime ago on dreaming and it said one of the best ways to recall dreams is to remind yourself as you're falling asleep that you wish to awaken fully from your dreams and remember them - not sure if it works though 😉. I love the Van Gogh quote too, very inspirational! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey again and have a great day! J 😊

craftytrog hat gesagt…

I love your arty dream painting Conny, it's wonderful!

Jeannette hat gesagt…

ooohh conny, was für zauberhafte seiten,so schöne farben und das mädel und die vögel sind einfach wunderschön gemalt.
ich kann mich meist an meine träume nicht erinnern,wenn,dann sind es bruchstücke und war wohl nicht so wichtig,aber manchmal träume ich schöne dinge,die ich dann auch male wie du.
einen schönen abend,liebe conny :-)

schöne grüße jenny

Nicole Beadwright Campanella hat gesagt…

Ohhh this painting looks and feels like a dream. Very beautiful. Try a pillow sash with a bit of Sandalwood. You do not need much or you can just breath in Sandalwood before you go to bed. As you fall off to sleep tell yourself to remember your dreams. Keep a paper and pencil next to your bed so you can write any dreams down.

Clare Lloyd hat gesagt…

Wonderful colours in your journal pagex

Irene Rafael hat gesagt…

It's so good to see you here, Pia! I have followed your lovely art for years. Can't remember where I first saw you?? Dreams are illusive!! I was in a dream group years ago where we'd discuss our dreams. Here's what I found helpful. I tell myself right before I fall asleep that I will remember my dreams and keep a paper and pen on my nightstand. When I awaken, i move as little as possible, pick up the journal and pen and turn on the light (as low as possible). Then write down what I remember, the dream, colors, my feeling, and sense of the dream. I used to do this in the dark but then I couldn't read it :) The trick is to have everything ready and try not to move into a full waking state. Good luck!
~~ Irene

Karin hat gesagt…

Gorgeous creation!
Groetjes Karin

sheila 77 hat gesagt…

Oh what an intriguing dream painting. A white-haired angel with a butterfly printed frock, a pink creature with a forked tail (friend? foe?), the white bird hovering over the strange house - really, it's a fascinating painting. And it does actually look dream-like. It's quite amazing, Conny.

kat hat gesagt…

Conny this painting like all your works captivates with the bright colours and its expressive flow, it does have a dreamy quality to it and tells a story, beautiful, I love your work!

Bestdayblogger hat gesagt…

Really beautiful!
Dreams are beautiful and magical. I can't remember when I had a good dream. Lately they are stressful and I'm always trying to find my mom and I can't get to her.
I usually write them down when I wake up. But sometimes I'm so tired I don't bother and then I forget.
have a lovely weekend!

BrownPaperBunny hat gesagt…

This is such a beautiful piece! I trained myself to remember my dreams by keeping a dream journal next to my bed and writing down as much as I remembered as soon as I woke up. Eventually it became easier and easier to remember them! Happy PPF (I'm catching up a bit late).

Magic Love Crow hat gesagt…

Love, Conny!!! For your dreams, have a pen and paper beside your bed. As soon as you wake up, write what ever you can remember down. Or before you go to sleep, say to yourself, may I remember my dreams! Big Hugs!

Jean hat gesagt…

Wow - this is so cool. What a fun project! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Clare Willcocks hat gesagt…

Just gorgeous, love the lime greens and yellows - reminds me of a cocktail!

Faye hat gesagt…

Beautiful art, Conny. I always love to see your work. Some dreams I have I really do not want to remember when I wake up! I dream of food a lot. I dream I have arrived at a banquet or dinner or lunch but all the good stuff has already been eaten. Could be I am hungry?

Karina Jobst hat gesagt…

wow!!!! sehr schön gemacht, bin begeistert:)
Liebe Grüße

Deepa Gopal Sunil hat gesagt…

I dream a lot, some i remember vividly, some i forget..but even what i remember is in parts...sometimes i jot them down. Some i try to paint too! Van Gogh's quote is one of my favourites too! :)

Sharon Fritchman hat gesagt…

Your dream pages are absolutely wonderful! What an amazing AJJ spread - I love your work of art and the sentiment!!!

網路校園美女寫真 hat gesagt…