Freitag, 1. September 2017

The Way To The West And A New Theme At Mix It Monthly

Awww how I love the warm summerdays with their chirping crickets and their BIIIG suns setting at the horizon! And yes so wish to live near the sea...and yes maybe play a fun instrument like his too ;)

Awwww ich liebe die warmen Sommertage mit den zirpenden Grillen und ihren Sonnentuntergängen wo die Sonne FETT und rot am Horizont verschindet...Und ja wie gerne ich am Meer leben würde und ja vielleicht auch so ein cooles Instrument spielen wie er...

Link to

And Oh of course there is a new theme up on my Art Challenge Blog
The wonderful Carol Desjarlais
bring up the new theme
"Native American"
and here is what she created:

So have a wonderful time and 

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get creative and enjoy life!!


Much Love


Misty hat gesagt…

What a lovely painting!!! I feel like I'm in Venice on the water... :)

My name is Erika. hat gesagt…

Great pieces of art. I love your designs and use of color! Happy September.

Magic Love Crow hat gesagt…

Both paintings are so wonderful! Happy September!

Dortesjs hat gesagt…

great paintings, love your native with the bear and seal ;O))