Montag, 16. Oktober 2017

My Visit In Carcassone

Found this spread in my photostash of finished journalpages and want to share it finally with you!

It is an older one and I am in love with it...I have to admit I have saved her from publishing, but don´t know why, maybe I enjoy having her for my own, haha!
I adore her nose and the texture on the whole page...

so here she is:

Link to

These days we visited Carcassone! I was blown away by the impressive size of the castle! I mean wow!!! excited that I forgot the "c", hehe

I am sure it was not possible to run against these walls

Look at this amazing window!

Sadly it was not possible to take a photo because of a renovation.

so I caught this window here

these old clock look like a compass, but it was for finding the excact time with the help of the sun

not to mention our visit of the cementery of the cite of Carcassonne

I love that they show a photo of most of the people who find their last rest there

this sweet art I found on a marketplace round a statue inside the castle

sitting on the castlewalls to catch the last sunstream and relax

I loved the rest on this bench right infront of our mobiles home right beside this lovely river

we take a long walk beside it river with awesome old parkways

and then this boat with those sweet people came along...

Then this colourcombo catch my eyes! Isn´t it gorgeous?

Loved the colors and design of this view! 

So this is it for now,

but wait

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Much Love


Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Die feuerroten Haare und die tollen türkisfarbenen Augen gefallen mir sehr, dazu noch das leuchtende Gelb. Ich mag deinen unverwechselbaren Stil und die immer so frischfröhliche Farbwahl. Danke fürs Teilen der fantastischen und stimmungsvollen Urlaubsfotos. Ein Genuß deine Fotostrecke.
Ganz liebe Grüße

Liz Powley hat gesagt…

Wow, this post is full of inspiration! From the history in the castle and the art in the lead light windows through to the natural wonders around the river. Thankyou so much for sharing such a lovely snapshot.

Best wishes,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth hat gesagt…

I was really impressed with your painting. It looked SO dimensional, too. I can see why you might not want to share her. But I'm glad you did at AJJ.

You have wonderful photos of that castle. I was really impressed. I really loved the photo from under the bridge and the river photo, too. So nice to see places in this world I may never get to visit.

geistige_Schritte hat gesagt…

the finished time page is fabulous, the face is unique, yes, it has something very special these colors and the face expression with the nose .. I am happy that you link it to my theme souls landscapes at AJJ
Thank you very much!!!!
Your holiday photos are so beautiful and the video!
happy week,

sirkkis hat gesagt…

Love your adorable girl and the whole art work is full of wonders 😃
Thank you for sharing your very interesting holiday photos.
Have a great day 💕

froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

Ein absolut traumhaftes Mixed Media Portrait liebe Conny - und Deine Urlaubsimpressionen sind ein HIT! WOW..was für eine großartige Burganlage!
Lieben Danke für's Verlinken zu Art Journal Journey!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella hat gesagt…

Absolutely love your art. Wonderful photos too.

Lisa Isabella Russo hat gesagt…

Your painting is so lovely! I love her hair and eyes so much. The photos of the castle are amazing too...

Magic Love Crow hat gesagt…

Such a beautiful post! I love your painting! She is so cute!
That castle is amazing! Love the pictures of you! Great video! Gorgeous boat!
Big Hugs!

sheila 77 hat gesagt…

The next fashion will be for painted noses - we haven't had that yet so it will be something new! Everybody will want one and there will be Painted Noses Salons.
Great photos of the castle and surrounds and great photos of you too. Looks like you had a lovely relaxing holiday?
The boat on the canal was much larger than the canal boats we have here and also seemed to go a lot faster (I think we are limited to 4 miles per hour). But here they also wave to friendly people on the tow path.
Yes the last photo has such soft colours and an interesting design - well spotted, Conny.

Rein hat gesagt…

Was für ein tolles Werk!

Jackie P Neal hat gesagt…

Such a beauty filled post!!
Your painting is fabulous! I do love her nose and her eyes-just WOW!!!

Thank you for sharing your photos , I love to see how others around the world,live,love and play!
huge hugs,Jackie xx hat gesagt…


av女優 hat gesagt…