Samstag, 17. März 2018

Curious What Students Come Up With My Lesson In PYHaS2018

My first Lesson in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018

has aired a few weeks ago....

Look at the incredible work some students have done! Isn´t this totally amazing?!

Everyone of them has interpreted the class in a different way and that is what excites me the most...

Take a moment to see all the work in a lil video

And then come join us too

all videos are downloadable to see on you computer at any time

Let´s have fun!!


Much Love


sirkkis hat gesagt…

I'm absolutely stunned by talent they all represent. Love every piece of wonderful art in the video.
Congratulations everyone and you as a talented teacher Conny !

Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Lauter wunderbare, fantasievolle Kunstwerke wurden da geschaffen. Jedes anders und einzigartig auf seine Weise. Bei manchen Bildern erkennt man auch deinen Malstil wieder. Die Jugend hat also noch jede Menge Fantasie, das ist gut so.
Liebe Grüße